• The SSQ275 NewLock Panel Program: The KBS Proprietary Panel System that Can Be Snap-Locked OR Seamed!

    What is the SSQ275?

    The SSQ275 is a 2″ tall panel that combines technology from the 2″ Mechanical Profile and the 1.75″ Snap Lock. Launched at METALCON 2014, our Proprietary Panel System that can be snap-locked or seamed! Karr’s Building Supply (KBS) and manufacturer NTM have partnered, in this new venture! This panel program will include testing and licensing which can be passed on to end-users. We also offer an Installation and Detail Manual for this panel program.

    SSQ275 Profile Details:

    • Proprietary panel system
    • Can be snap-locked or mechanically seamed
    • Fits in new & existing SSQ Roof Panel Machines
    • Added seam strength due to snap-lock design
    • Licensing agreement valid for three years
    • 2″ tall finished panel
    • Ease of installation
    • Only available through NTM or KBS
    • ASTM, UL, & FM testing included with panel program


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    Standard Offerings For SSQ275 System Purchase

    • ASTM E 1-1592 1’ and 5’ 24ga
    • UL580/1897 ISO over 22ga metal deck
    • UL 580/1897 Unseamed over ½” plywood
    • ASTM E – 1680 Air Infiltration
    • ASTM E – 1646 Water Penetration
    • FM 4471 – Foot Traffic Resistance


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    Additional Testing Available for Purchase (Fees apply):

    • ASTM E – 1592 5’ 24ga. Requires additional field test for Miami – Dade county
    • ASTM E – 1592 1’ and 5’ 22ga.
    • ASTM 2140-01 Static Water Pressure Head
    • UL 580/1897 Seamed over ½” plywood

    Installation and Detail Manual for 275 New Lock Available for Purchase (Fees Apply)

    Performance Testing Report Samples

    Load Test Sample 1
    Load Test Sample 2
    Load Test Sample 3
    UL Test Sample 1
    UL Test Sample 2

    Performance Testing Images & Procedures