• Rollforming Machine Technical Phone Support By KBS

    Today's technology may save you hours of down time with a simple phone call.

    Have you been trained on your machine by Karr’s Building Supply & Service? Are you familiar with your machines operations and have a forming issue? Perhaps you are operating an older machine or a brand no longer supported by the manufacturer? Help may be just a phone call away! With decades of expertise and the help of modern video and visual technology, KBS has a program to identify issues to get your machine in functioning order as quickly as possible.

    KBS can also schedule a training session for you and your crew, no matter what the brand of your machine. Ron Karr has supported nearly every brand of rollformer offered over the last 40 years. His knowledge is second to none and continues to pursue new and inventive methods of onsite rollforming.  KBS keeps your roof panel, gutter or framing machine operational to “turn metal into money”.

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